Guidance and tools developed through SMART SPP

Following the pilot phase of the guidance and tools for innovative sustainable procurement actions (published in December 2009), the new and final versions were officially launched on 29 June 2011 at the Smart Procurement - Reducing Costs and Saving Energy Conference.

The following are available:


Guide on Innovation through Sustainable Procurement

Driving energy efficient innovation through procurement - A practical guide for public authorities

Download: >> English  |  >> Spanish  |  >> Portuguese  | >> Danish


Tool for calculating Life-Cycle Costs and CO2 Emissions of products

User Guide for the LCC-CO2 Tool (recommended to be used with the Excel tool)

Download [pdf file 8MB]: >> English  |  >> Spanish

Excel Tool for LCC-CO2 - Version 2.2 (including improved tooltips, default language setting)

Download: >> Spanish


Excel Tool for LCC-CO2 - Version 2.1

Download: >> English>> Spanish